Orbit & Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery

Orbit and ophthalmic plastic surgery is a sub-specialty within the field of ophthalmology. In order to perform these types of surgery, an ophthalmologist continues with additional fellowship training in this field after their general ophthalmology residency has been completed. Dr. Mansueto is fellowship trained in orbit and ophthalmic plastic surgery and a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

This field encompasses surgery of the eyelids, eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, orbit (eye socket), and tear drainage system. These surgeries are quite unique and best performed by surgeons, such as Dr. Mansueto, who have completed extensive fellowship training in this field.

What types of surgery does Dr. Mansueto perform? She repairs drooping eyelids (medical and cosmetic), excises and repairs skin cancers of the eyelids, corrects eyelid malpositions, and elevates eyebrows (cosmetic). She also surgically corrects problems with the tear drainage systems to eliminate tearing eyes, reconstructs orbits (traumatic injuries, fractured facial bones, thyroid related ocular bulging, and orbit tumors), and does cosmetic facial surgery (eyelids and eyebrows lifts). She offers these services for both pediatric and adult populations.

These surgeries are often performed in an ambulatory surgery center, a major hospital, or our office surgery suite.

Please link to the following web site, of which Dr. Mansueto participates, for more detailed information on orbit and ophthalmic plastic surgery: www.drmansueto.com or www.eyeplastics.com.